The State Government of Andhra Pradesh has launched Primary sector mission during 2015-16 with the objective to achieve double digit inclusive growth. Accordingly strategies were formulated for Agriculture & allied activities under primary sector mission to harness the untapped potentiality under primary sector mission. Horticulture is identified as one of the growth engines with a focus to increase the production and productivity of various Horticulture Crops coupled with value chain development and development of marketing linkages to help the farming community to realization of remunerative price.

  • The State has 14.78 Lakhs Ha. Under Horticulture crops with an annual production of 185.839 Lakhs metric tons.
  • Fruits and vegetables constitute 55% of the total Horticulture cropped area followed by spices and flowers. Horticulture sector contributes approximately 7.4 % to the state GSDP.
  • The Government of Andhra Pradesh has identified Horticulture as a priority sector.

The  main objectives of the department are :

To extend technical services & guidance to farmers on implementation of new technologies, introduction of new crops etc.

To increase production and productivity by bringing additional area through diversification of traditional crops to market driven horticultural crops like fruits and high value vegetables, spices, medicinal & aromatic plants, plantation crops and flowers.

To improve the productivity of horticultural crops, with the use of high yielding / hybrid quality planting materials, by rejuvenation of old orchards & by adoption of improved package of practices etc.

                                                                                                                        Government of Andhra Pradesh 
                                                                                                                        Commissionarate of Horticulture
                                                                                                 TTPC Building, 1st  Floor, Old Market yard, Chuttugunta,
                                                                                                              ( Beside Mini Rythu Bazar), A.P. Guntur- 522007

                                                                                                           Phone No.: 0863-2216470 Fax No. 0863-2216477


S.No. Name  ( Sri / Smt) Designation Cell Number
1 Chiranjiv Chowdhary, IFS Commissioner of Horticulture 7330741111
2 Dr. M. Ashok Kumar Deputy Director Of Horticulture (Planning) 7330735555
3 P. Hanumantha Rao Deputy Director Of Horticulture (Fruits) 7330745555
4 K. Sreenivasulu Deputy Director Of Horticulture (HDA) 7330752222
5 Dr. Ch. Padmavathi Deputy Director Of Horticulture 
(IT&DM, Publicity)
6 B. Subrahmanyam Assistant  Director of Horticulture (PLG) 7330715555
7 M. Saravanan Assistant  Director of Horticulture (SHM) 7330765555
8 Dr. G. Andal Assistant  Director of Horticulture (R K V Y) 7330732222
9 U. Sudha Assistant  Director of Horticulture (S H M) 7330782222
10 M.A. Kaleem Assistant  Director of Horticulture (H D A) 7995087166
11 P.T. Kavitha Horticulture Officer (S H M) 7995087033
12 Raj Krishna Reddy Horticulture Officer (RKVY) 7995087029
13 K. Srikanth Reddy Horticulture Officer (COH, PESHI) 7331152222
14 Praveena Horticulture Officer (IT&DM &Pub) 7995087027
15 V. Neelima Horticulture Officer (Planning) 7995087028
16 K. Satyasanthi Administrative Officer 7995009664
17 B.N. Venkateswarai Administrative Officer 7995009665
18 Hafeez Ali Account Officer (FAC) 7330726666
1 Sri. A. Surya Prakash Project Officer  7330651111
2 Smt. R. Hima Bindhu OSD (P&M) 7337536666
3 Sri. Venkateswarlu ADA / OSD (T) 7337512222
4 Sri. Deva Muni Reddy DDH / OSD 7337475555
5 Sri. Ravindrababu DDH / OSD 7337486666
6 Sri. D. Ramesh  OSD (Gen) 7337492222
Sl.No Name of the District ADH Name of the ADH/DDH Mobile No.
1 SRIKAKULAM-1 Srikakulam M.A. Rahim 7995086758
SRIKAKULAM-2 Tekkali S.A. Bala Subramanyam 7995086759
2 VIZIANAGARAM-1 Gajapathinagaram G. V . Lakshmi 7995086760
VIZIANAGARAM-2 Bobbili R. Sreenivasulu 7995086761
DDH-VIZIANAGARAM P. N. Lakshmini Narayana 7995086762
3 VISAKHAPATNAM-1 Visakhapatnam K. Sailaja 7995086763
VISAKHAPATNAM-2 Narsipatnam K. Anuradha 7995086764
4 EAST GODAVARI-1 Kakinada K. Gopi Kumar 7995086765
EAST GODAVARI-2 Amalapuram Ch. Srinivasulu 7995086768
EAST GODAVARI-3 Rajahmundry K. Chitti Babu 7995086766
5 WEST GODAVARI-1 Eluru G. Vijaya Lakshmi 7995086769
WEST GODAVARI-2 Jangareddy Gudem A. Durgesh 7995086770
DDH-WEST GODAVARI Y.V. S. Prasad 7995086771
6 KRISHNA-1 Vijayawada N. Sujatha 7995086772
KRISHNA-2 Nuziveedu K. Ajay Babu 7995086773
7 GUNTUR-1 Tenali R. Ram Mohan 7995086774
GUNTUR-2 Narsaraopeta M.V. Subba Reddy 7995086775
DDH-GUNTUR K. Jaya Chandra Reddy 7995086776
8 PRAKASAM-1 Ongole M. Hari Prasad 7995086778
PRAKASAM-2 Kandukuru P. Jennemma 7995086779
9 NELLORE-1 Nellore D. Uma Devi 7995086780
NELLORE-2 Atmakuru K. Anuradha 7995086781
10 CHITTOOR-1 Palamaneru P.M. Subhani 7995086782
CHITTOOR-2 Pileru S.S.V.Subhashini 7995086783
DDH- AEZ, CHITTOOR V.S. Dhramaja 7995086784
11 KADAPA-1 Kadapa M. Venkateswara Reddy 7995086785
KADAPA-2 Rajampeta M. Ravindranath Reddy 7995086787
12 DDH - KADAPA T. Saraswathi 7995086788
KURNOOL-1 Kurnool B. Raghunatha Reddy 7995086793
KURNOOL-2 Nandyaal G. Sathish 7995086794
13 ANANTHAPUR-1 Ananthapuramu Ch. S.Satyanarayana 7995086790
ANANTHAPUR-2 Penukonda B.V. Ramana 7995086791
DDH-ANANTHAPUR B.A.Subba Reyudu 7995086792