The following act of the Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly received the assent of the Governor on the 24th August, 1996 and the said assent is hearby first published on the 26th August, 1996 in the Andhra Pradesh Gazett for general information:- 
[Act No. 1 1 of 1996] 

An Act to provide for the levy and collection of cess for the Rural Development in the State and to provide for the matters connected therewith or incidental thereto. 

Be it enacted by the Legislative Assembly of the State of Andhra Pradesh in the Forty­seventh Year of the Republic of India as follows :-  Statement of objects and reasons  

It is observed that the development in the rural areas in the State has not been accelerated due to paucity of funds. The Government are of the view that there is an imperative need to provide financial assistance for the development of rural areas in the State by creating infrastructure facilities, so that the economic activities in the rural areas will increase and thereby contribute for the growth of economy.  

With a view to generating funds for the purpose of development of the rural areas, it is considered desirable to levy a cess at the rate of 5 percentum on the advaloram basis on the quantum of purchase of goods specified in the Schedule appended to the Bill .  

To achieve the object in view it is necessary to enact a law by undertaking legislation, and the Government have accordingly decided to enact a law for the purpose.  

As the Legislative Assembly of the State was not then in session and as it has been decided to give effect to the above decision immediately, the Andhra Pradesh Rural Development Act, 1995(Andhra Pradesh Act 21 of 1995) was promulgated by the Governor on the 29th December, 1995.  

The Department is implementing several schemes to improve living conditions of people in rural areas and to create economic awareness in rural areas. Some of these schemes include

  • Rural Water Supply
  • Rural Sanitation
  • Jawahar Gram Samrudhi Yojana (J. G. S. Y)
  • Community Development
  • Construction of Mandal Buildings
  • Construction and maintenance of rural roads
  • Employment Assurance Scheme (E. A. S.)