S.noDepartmentsectionGo TypeGo NoGo CategoryDescriptionGo DateFile Name
1 SWTW-SER-1MS30OthersEstablishment of ITDA for Development of Schedule Tribes in Plain Areas02-28-2009 1.PDF
2 FinSMPCMS84OthersCreation of Certain Temporary Post03-02-2009 2.PDF
3 SWTW-SER-1MS25OthersConversion of one post of Class IV as Driver04-02-2011 3.PDF
4 TWSER.I.2MS57OthersPermission for Division of ITDA for Development of STs in Plain Areas into Two ITDAs for residuary Andhra Pradesh and Telangana States and accord permission to the respective Project Officers for Registration of New ITDAs. The ITDA (Plain Areas) is bifurcated into two entities i.e., ITDA(PA), Andhra Pradesh and Telangana vide joint proceedings Rc.No A/60/ITDA(PA)/AP Re-Org/2014, Dated 24-02-201505-31-2014 4.pdf
5 DCHSchool HeaMSG.O. Ms. No.316Service MatterJawahar Bala Arogya Raksha – Revitalised School Health Programme – Orders – Issued.11-10-2010 5.pdf
6 DCHRBSKRTG.O.RT.No. 930Service Matter(Rashtriya Bal Swasthya Karyakram12-08-2014 6.pdf
7 DCHRWSMSG.O.MS.No. 22TransfersTransfer of subject of Swachh Bharat Mission (G) to Swachh Andhra Corporation04-19-2017 7.pdf
8 MHNTR VaidyaMSGO.MS.NO.6Budget Release Orderscrutinize the medical reimbursement bills01-11-2017 8.pdf