Central Scheme Details

CCDP(Conservation cum Development Plan)

C.C.D.P. for XII Five Year Plan: The Government of India has introduced a program viz; Conservation cum Development Plan (CCDP) with an objective to supplement the State Govt. efforts in developing the PvTGs through their TSP. A Baseline Survey on PvTGs was conducted during the year 2003 in the State of Andhra Pradesh for ascertaining the socio-economic conditions of the PvTGs which formed the basis for preparing Conservation-cum-Development Plan (CCDP) for Five year plan period.

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• The prime objectives of SCA to TSP and Article 275(i) are to bridge the critical gaps in livelihoods, Skill Development & Education schemes. Thus the SCA to TSP is being used for convergence of line department schemes, so as to ensure better access by the Tribal communities.

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Grants under Article 275(1) of the Constitution of India

Grants under Article 275(1) of the Constitution of India provides such sums as Parliament may by law provide shall be charged on the consolidated Fund of India in each year as grants-in-aid of the revenues of such States as Parliament may determine to be in need of assistance, and different sums may be fixed for different States:

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Scheme for assistance to State Tribal Development and Finance Corporations (STFDCs)

This is a Centrally Sponsored scheme.STFDCs are functioning in States and UTs having sizeable Scheduled Tribes population. They are playing an extremely useful role in mobilization of finances for economic development of the Scheduled Tribes. They act as promoters and catalysts for generating credit from financial institutions, providing missing inputs by way of margin money loans and subsidy to the target group. STFDCs motivate ST families to undertake suitable economic development schemes.

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