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Bangarutalli is meant to take care of the girl child in every household from her birth till she completes her graduation.

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NTR Bharosa

As a part of its welfare programmes,the Government of Andhra Pradesh is implementing various Pensions schemes for the most needy and vulnerable people i.e the persons in old age,widows,people with disabilities and weavers to provide them succor.

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Economic Support Schemes for upliftment of Tribal Community by way of Incomegenrating Schemes throgh Banks. Tribal Welfare Department will release Rs 1 lakh as subsidy.

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Tribal Welfare Department has proposed to extend financial assistance of Rs.50,000/- to tribal girls at the time of their marriage under the scheme named as “Giriputhrika Kalyana Padhakam” with a view to alleviate financial difficulties to celebrate marriage in the families of Scheduled Tribes in the State. Under this scheme, a one time financial assistance of Rs.50,000/- (Rupees Fifty Thousand only) at the time of marriage shall be granted to every unmarried ST girl in the State of Andhra Prade

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The Scheduled Tribes and other traditional Forest dwellers ( Recognition of Forest Rights) Act–2006 is provided to recognize and vest the forest rights in the occupation of forest land in Forest Dwelling Scheduled Tribes and other forest dwellers who have been resident for generations and whose rights could not be recorded. The Government while issuing instructions to implement the provisions of the act has framed operational guidelines and this act is being implemented in Agency area.

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This scheme was started on 01.11.2015. Under this scheme the beneficiaries 7 months to 6 years children are covered in Tribal Area ICDS Projects. The purpose of this scheme is providing 100 ml. milk, 25 boiled eggs and everyday midday meals directly to the children at Anganwadi Centers. Beneficiaries of GIRI Gorumuddalu : 7 months to 3 years children - 17228 3 to 6 years children - 12623

“Ambedkar Overseas Vidya Nidhi”

TRIBAL WELFARE DEPARTMENT – “Ambedkar Overseas Vidya Nidhi” Financial assistance for ST Students for pursuing Higher Studies Abroad from the year 2013-14

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“ NTR Vidyonnathi”

Tribal Welfare Department – Tribal Sub Plan – New Scheme – “ NTR Vidyonnathi” for providing Professional Guidance for Civil Services Examinations for Scheduled Tribe Students in the State of Andhra Pradesh – Sponsoring of meritorious Scheduled Tribe candidates to reputed private institutes

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Tribal Welfare Schemes

Brochure Of Tribal Welfare schemes and Programs

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